Official Synopsis


Jim Jones has an idea. Get a gun, get a camera crew, and put the CEO of the world's biggest oil company on YouTube for an interview that asks him bluntly about the damage his company has created. One Shot not only leads to one shot, but was also filmed entirely in one shot.





Directed By: Nick + Lexie Trivundza

Written By: Nick Trivundza

Produced By: Lexie Trivundza

Starring: Reed Daniels, Erin Gilley and Cole Panther

Narrated By: Gordon Hayden

Henchmen: David Boone, Brian Boone, Julianne Boone, and Matt Boone

Co-Producers: Josh Jones and Ryan Todd

Casting By: Julianne Gabert

Sound Design: John Northcraft and Nick Trivundza

GPO Logo Design: Austin Schlack

Still Photographer: Melissa Haugen

Transportation: Nancy Findarle