Official Synopsis


Five years ago, when the fevers swept through town, so did the rituals, so did the fear. The fevers were bad. It took most of us. The towns and villages were much bigger then. Those that survived have started a ritual to prove their bravery. They gather every year, the night before the harvest offering blood and courage to satiate the fear. A fear they call the White Sparrow.





Directed By: Nick + Lexie Trivundza

Written By: Nick Trivundza

Produced By: Lexie Trivundza

Narrated By: Mary Jane Wells

Starring: Christie Eichinger, Matt Boone, and Britney Boone

Filmed on Location at Dutch Hollow

Music By: Adam Saunders, Mark Cousins, Andrew Britton, David Goldsmith, Bernard Grimaldi, and Vincent Chaintrier