Umbrella Factory

Umbrella Factory Feature Film Development

With the Award Winning Short Film, The Umbrella Factory playing on Robert Rodriguez’s El Rey Network, we wanted to show off a little behind the scenes that we’ve been working on for the Feature Film Development. The Umbrella Factory Feature has a wonderful new look that creates an even bigger world - somewhere between Tim Burton and Harry Potter. 

Brian Miller, artist extraordinaire, crafted each of the amazing illustrations for the concept art below, from The Windmill on Windy Hill to the incredible details of The Peculiar Zoo!

The Windmill on Windy Hill

Graveyard Manor

The Curiosity Shoppe

The Peculiar Zoo

The Grand Lobby

An Automatted Carriage

The Umbrella Factory

El Rey Distribution

Just in case you missed the Sunday Sept. 24th Episode where we chatted about filmmaking over on Robert Rodriguez’s El Rey Network, (hosted by Jorge Gutierrez, director of The Book of Life and the upcoming Lego Movie Spinoff) have no fear! There will be a digital recap heading online this November with Behind the Scenes and Digital Exclusives! 

On November 24th, El Rey Network will be releasing The Umbrella Factory and Little Red Riding Hood with an exclusive interview filmed at the El Rey Studios! AND El Rey has also extended the distribution of our short film, Jack the Ripper, another year! 

New Episode coming to Robert Rodriguez’s El Rey Network!

For 2 years in a row, Nick + Lexie have been named directors to watch by the El Rey Network! Join us for the next episode of the People’s Network Showcase! We’ll be discussing the creation of our short films Little Red Riding Hood and The Umbrella Factory! 

The Episode airs Sunday Night, Sept 24th 8PM. 

If you haven’t seen them, Little Red Riding Hood is a short film of animated black and white photographs shot in the Sierra Nevada. The Umbrella Factory is an award-winning, animated retelling of the short horror story, The Monkey’s Paw, originally published in 1902, and written by WW Jacobs.  

Little Red Riding Hood and The Umbrella Factory Acquired by El Rey Network!

Little Red Riding Hood and The Award Winning Short Film, The Umbrella Factory, have both been acquired by Robert Rodriguez’s El Rey Network! 

The short films were directed by Nick + Lexie and have gone on to screen at Film Festivals around the world. The upcoming release will mark their television debut. 

This past October, Jack the Ripper, another short film directed by Nick + Lexie had been previously acquired by El Rey Network.