One Shot

Watch the Brand New Version of One Shot!

The brand new version of our short film One Shot is here! Along with the 4K Restoration, beautiful new color, new titles, and music, we’ve also had the chance to add in a few really amazing shots of The San Francisco Bay. 

Originally, the film was meant to be a 1 Hour, 1 Take film, and we did that. Our actors actually memorized 60 pages of dialogue and gave amazing performances 3 times in one day starting at SFO and then crossing over to a loft in the Emeryville Warehouse District. 

What we found in the viewing, was a film with an unbearable amount of suspense and no breathing room. By cutting the film down and adding cuts, it allows those performances to shine. It also allows the suspense to build and breathe. 

Watch the brand new version of One Shot, below! 

One Shot, New Titles

We're currently restoring our previous two Live Action Short Films, Haunting of the White Sparrow and One Shot, in anticipation of the upcoming release of The West and the Ruthless. As we were restoring One Shot, we wanted to go back and give the titles a second look. Digging through the files we found some title designs that were actually better than what ended up in the final version of the film! 

Check out the "Brand New" Titles to One Shot below! 




One Shot, 4K Restoration

In anticipation of the Nov. 7 Release of The West and the Ruthless we’ve been going back to our previous live action films and restoring them to their High Res formats! We just completed a beautiful restoration of Haunting of the White Sparrow, and now we're restoring our first live action short, the suspense thriller, One Shot! 

When we first shot One Shot, we didn’t have the computer power that we do today, so even though the film was shot at 4K, the best we could work with was HD, and a few years ago that was even sluggish. But today, we’re actually able to work with the 4K Native Red files and they’re beautiful! 

Take a look at some of the brand new stills below!