We're back in LA today and it's a really strange feeling. During these last few weeks and months we've been heading back and forth between Tucson, Arizona where we've had the most amazing opportunity of our lives. We filmed a Feature Length Western at Old Tucson Studios and worked with the most amazingly talented cast and crew on the planet!!! 

Some days were almost 120 degrees in the blistering sun as we filmed out in the middle of the desert, the cast wearing their period costumes of wool and cotton, leather boots, and holsters at their sides. Everyone was climbing through cacti, riding on the top of stagecoaches, climbing across roofs, covered in fake blood, firing shotguns and revolvers down old western streets, hiding out in old train cars, fighting off the flies, sweating, bleeding, dying, and in the end we had a family. A family of fellow adventurers. 

So now that the props have been returned, and the guns are put away, and I'm typing this rather than doing the impossible with a bunch of super talented people, it feels strange, and we miss it. 

We cannot wait to see all of you again, whether to work with you or grab a drink! There is so much more to come! 

Nick + Lexie