That’s a wrap on Danger! Danger!

Danger Danger Martini Take Web.jpg

We just wrapped production on Danger! Danger! our next feature film. It was the most amazing and hardest thing we’ve ever done. And when I say hard, I mean it, but it was also the adventure of a lifetime. 

Growing up, the most exciting thing we could think of was to grow to be filmmakers working on films like Indiana Jones and exploring lost temples. Or driving time traveling DeLoreans in Back to the Future. Or finding forgotten Pirate Ships like the Goonies. 

The thing that I never expected though, was to have the opportunity to work with such an AMAZING Cast and Crew. One that joined in on those experiences and came along on those adventures with us. Everyone who worked on Danger! Danger! gave 1000 percent. Not because they had to, but because, like us, love making movies. 

It’s an experience that will stay with us forever.

AND we cannot wait to begin sharing Danger! Danger! with everyone else!

For updates, make sure to visit the Official Danger! Danger! Site.