Location Scouting - Completed!

We’ve COMPLETED a years long mission to find locations for each of our upcoming film projects! When we produced The West and the Ruthless, the amount of production value that Old Tucson Studios brought to the film was priceless. Not only for it’s amazing backlot, buildings, and production design, but also for the people that worked there - which is one of the most important aspects of any project (that’s why we have more projects we’re hoping to bring back to Tucson!)

That said, some stories aren’t westerns or set in the desert. So you have to travel the world looking for Alien Planets, Victorian Backlots, 1950s Motels, Jungles, and Post-Apocalyptic wastelands. 

Here’s a sneak peak at a recent scout. Is that a space ship? Yes. yes it is.

We’ve also had the chance to hang out at Disney, Paramount, Diamond V, Middleton Movie Ranch, Rancho Deluxe, and SO many more!