NAISSANCE - YEAR X - Celebrating 10 Years!

Oh. Hello there 2019! It’s sort of hard to believe - but if it’s 2019, that means we launched Naissance a decade ago! Holey Moley! 

Yep, just checked our LinkedIn, it’s been 10 years. Wow. For launching a company back during what is now referred to as THE GREAT RECESSION (such a not-good name) this has lasted way longer than it probably should have. There probably hasn’t been a worse time to launch a company since the Great Depression (but we weren’t alive back then so… what ev).

Since that time we’ve had quite a few adventures, far too many to rant about here. I think instead I’m going to go find an adult beverage and tell all my therapists about this. 

In the meantime, here’s a few projects we created in that inaugural year!

Little Red Riding Hood, our first short film that we directed. The film was shot in the Sierra Nevada region of California and went on to screen at film festivals around the world. Most recently it made it’s television debut on Robert Rodriguez’s El Rey Network with an in-depth interview and behind the scenes! 

Grey, our first music video! We worked with Elizabeth Seward on this piece that went on to make the front page of Current TV (remember them ;) and debuted at the Sacramento Film Festival. Our first (of what would become many screenings) at the festival! 

Sensored, our first Film Titles for the thriller starring Robert Picardo and directed by Ryan Todd and produced by Jo and Kevin Haskin (the KeJo!)

Plastic Fish, this was a fun piece we did for Earth Day. When Channel Frederator hit us up and asked to feature the piece for their own Earth Day Special, we were over the moon! 

Continued, the piece that gave rise to our branding! Ten years ago this video was notorious for crashing our systems all the time whenever we were trying to render in full HD (remember that 1280x720 period?). We called it “Continued” because the piece would never finish. It was always “to be continued.”

Illusive, like a strange Space Mountain, this was a great way to animate a track by the super talented Combustion!

From This Window, a short film featuring some amazing music from the ever amazing Ugress! The film was featured in the Portable Film Festival. 

We also created work that year for brands such as Microsoft, TiVo, Motorola, CA Forward, SaveMart, United Farm Workers, Kaiser, Lucky, Samsung, and more!