Haunting of the White Sparrow, 5K Restoration

After wrapping on The West and the Ruthless and developing a 5K workflow, we wanted to go back to one of our earlier films, Haunting of the White Sparrow and completely re-edit it! If you’re not familiar with the film, it’s a short that we shot one afternoon in Northern California out in the middle of a cornfield. 

We created costumes for the first time and worked with some of our good friends to be in the film, including Matt Boone who plays Cole Henry in The West and the Ruthless, his wife Britney Boone, and Christy Eichinger who also starred in our short film, Little Red Riding Hood

Along with restoring the 5K, we’ve ended up with a brand new extended edit telling a bit more of the story than previously seen and includes wonderful new music and coloring as well.

Check out some of the stills from the new edit below!