Interview with Script Magazine

We just did a really GREAT interview with Cheryl Laughlin for Script Magazine!

The article discusses the Myths About Westerns and Why We Actually Love Them.

The interview is with Nick Trivundza and Cat Stewart discussing the aspects of writing a western film for modern audiences. 

Here’s one of our favorite parts:

“We invented the fictional town of Crow’s Landing, so it could be everything we ever wanted a Western town to be,” Nick notes. “For audiences, it’s somewhere old but new: it’s a place where people from all walks of life are colliding out West. It’s a melting pot of diversity and people looking for new beginnings.”

And Cat reminds us why we like these characters in the first place, “Characters in the old West were the original anti-heroes. There’s a real catharsis in seeing a really bad guy (or girl) finally get what’s coming to him.”

Check out the full article right here: