The West and the Ruthless, European Release!

We’re SO excited to announce that our debut feature film, The West and the Ruthless, is heading to Europe! 

The West and the Ruthless will be released in the US and Canada on Nov. 7 by 4 Digital and Sony Pictures with the European release to follow in early 2018. The film will be released by Manymore Films who will oversee the distribution.

The West and the Ruthless premiered at AIFF in April and has received rave reviews with praise for it’s performances and cinematography as well as it’s non-linear structure with comparisons to Doug Liman’s film “Go” and the works of Quentin Tarantino. The film stars Danny Brown, Dan Fowlks, Rebecca Gomberg, Paul Haapaneimi, Alexander Harris, Benedict Mazurek, Will Roberts, Zoe Sloane, with Matt Boone and Katelyn Ann Clark.

Check out the official website right here: