Year End Highlights

2016 was OUR BIGGEST year ever. Ever ever. Not only did we write, direct, and produce our feature film debut The West and the Ruthless ( we worked with some of the most amazing people in the world to make this film. The talent of the cast and crew is still something we can’t get over. Everybody was such a badass! We can’t believe we had this opportunity. 

Here’s a few other amazing highlights from this year:

We were on the first episode of Robert Rodriguez’s New Show on the El Rey Network featuring 10 Up and Coming Directors hosted by John Carpenter! 

John Carpenter Getting Ready to shoot on El Rey Network

We did some amazing interviews with websites and newspapers this year including one for Northern Californian newspaper, the Modesto Bee, which got us on the front page!

Article on the Front Page! 

Our short films played in 5 film festivals this year, including the Santa Monica Film Festival and a Triple Feature of our shorts on display at the Alternative Gallery in Pennsylvania. We also signed a book deal with Baldi Books, and art directed a Documentary.

In TV News, The Dead Unknown, a documentary about the murders of Harlan County, took home an Emmy! We wrapped the final season of Desperate Landscapes with JayTV and our spot for Fair Hotels has currently been featured on a ridiculous amount of lists for Best Motion Graphics! 

In our 7 years here at Naissance, we’ve worked on over 1000 projects now! Some of those projects were for brand new clients and brands like Sketchers, InstaNatural, AirBnB, The State of California, El Rey Network, CAAA, and Chevron. We also created some great work with returning clients and brands such as Apollo Group, Google, MTA, Ogilvy, Nevada Education, and IBM.

We even had the opportunity to pitch to the UN this year! 

From 3D projects, to green screen stages, to the offices at Paramount, to the deserts of Tucson where it was 120 degrees - this year has been AMAZING. 

Thank you to everyone who helped us along the way. You guys are INCREDIBLE!