The West and the Ruthless, Director & Producer Round Up

We asked a few of the directors and producers we’ve worked with over the years to check out The West and the Ruthless. It was just incredible to get their feedback and hear and what they had to say about the film! 

“Entertaining, funny and fun! The West and the Ruthless is the true indie filmgoers Hateful Eight!” 

Kevin Haskin (Sensored, Starting Strong)

“Much more “Go” or “Run Lola Run!” than a Typical Western.”

Galen Christy, (Conan The Barbarian, Exeter, Stranded)

“Great locations. Lovely costumes. The Actors are quite good. And the violence really ramps up from the start.”

Aaron Becker (The Conjuring, Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation)

“Brilliant comedic awkwardness meets the highest standard of production value - beautifully shot!”

Kevin Haskin (Sensored, Starting Strong TV Series)

"Awesome film that's a refreshing take on a classic genre. An enjoyable ride.”

James Allen (HBO, Nike, Microsoft) 

“Great attention was given to the details, making for solid visuals and composition.”

James Allen (HBO, Nike, Microsoft)