Doing the Impossible

After we wrapped production filming The West and the Ruthless on location at Old Tucson, we sent an email to the crew that went something like this:

For months leading up to the shoot, everyone kept trying to stop us. Individuals and even corporations kept telling us that shooting this film in 10 days could not be done. They told us it was impossible. 

Well, we all did the impossible. 

We shot a feature in 10 days. And not just any feature, but West and the Ruthless, a film that features shoot outs, stagecoaches, extended dialogue scenes, fx, make up, period costumes, horses, extras, love scenes, exteriors, interiors, shooting out in the desert, and embracing those excessive heat warnings that kept popping up on my phone. 

But the thing is, we couldn't have done this without the most amazing and talented cast and crew in the world. You guys are our crew for life. You're stuck with us.

And just as a neat little side note, we captured 13 Hours 14 minutes and 49 seconds of footage and audio. 

It feels kinda cool to do the impossible.