Production Blog, Day 1

After months and months of pre-production and preparation, and all the excitement (anxiety?) leading up to that first day, being in Arizona at Old Tucson Studios was pretty f*ing awesome. The cast is starting to arrive, the crew is there, the props are in place, the sets are being dressed, and then there’s the blood. 

The first cast member on set was Matt Boone who plays Cole Henry in the film. Cole doesn’t have it so good. Since, we were shooting out of order, as most films do, he started Day One with his (*spoiler!) whip lashes and bullet wounds. The second he was in costume, covered in blood, and walking down those dusty streets, we knew we had a film. 

It was only 115 degrees that day, so it wasn’t as bad as the day before (when it was 120). We shot in an old blacksmith shop, in the desert, at the old High Chaparral sets that are still out there, and finally at a covered wagon. We wrapped the day with some family cameos. Our 1.5 year old daughter, Azalea, and my sister Natalie (and the film’s copy editor) had some fun hanging out on set with us!