Production Blog, Day 10

Our last day of production once again took place in John Wayne’s bedroom. What a great way to end! We started with these huge scenes out in the desert, with blood and guns, and missions and trains, and wrapped with a bit of romance. 

Back on set were Benedict Mazurek and Zoe Sloane finishing a scene that they had started (sound designed?) back on Day 7. It’s a nice little intimate scene followed by 6 or 7 pages of dialogue - which basically means every day on West and the Ruthless was an intense shooting day for the cast and the crew (who were also busy breaking down and re-doing sets every day). 

Then, after months and months of preparation, financing, casting the most talented actors ever, putting together an incredible crew, heading to Arizona (a few times), and working with the amazing guys and gals at Old Tucson Studios, it was a wrap.