Production Blog, Day 7

Day 7 was one of the first days we were almost completely indoors which was a really nice change of pace from the first 6 days where we had huge chunks of shooting out in the desert, the heat, and the monsoons. 

Back on set were Benedict Mazurek, Dan Fowlks , Zoe Sloane, and Will Roberts. We filmed in the brothel, the jail, Chester’s Office, and had one fun little exterior scene where Dan and Benedict literally drag Will through the streets. 

This was also the day that our Extras arrived! Days 7 and 8 on The West and the Ruthless brought in some of the most amazing Extras that anyone will ever work with. I’m sure it’s different on every film, but these actors weren’t just in the background - they slowly became more like supporting actors for every scene they were in, enhancing it, adding to it, and bringing both some nice dramatic flare and humor to the scenes. 

Oh, and Benedict and Zoe did some pretty great sound effects, but you’ll have to wait and watch the film for those :)