Production Blog, Day 6

Day 6 was another big day on the set of The West and the Ruthless! This was the day that our final cast members arrived, Dan Fowlks and Benedict Mazurek as the Crow Brothers, Chester and Christopher. It was also the day that our main location of the Crow’s Landing Saloon and Brothel was completed and it looked unbelievable. The set was dressed with hundreds of old bottles and antique trunks and then it was lit beautifully. 

We started the day back out in the desert and for the first time both Matt Boone and Paul Haapaniemi weren’t covered in blood, well, momentarily, as we shot the film’s open. Also on set were Rebecca Gomberg and Danny Brown filming another round of incredible moments. 

Next up Will Roberts and Zoe Sloane got in some gun practice. A lot since the antique guns weren’t really all that willing to fire on command, but we got the scene and it looks fantastic. 

Then it was time for our epic shoot out. Just gonna go ahead and say, it was a total bucket list moment to be on top of those old western buildings, looking down at the dusty streets as a shoot out took place and the outlaws died in the streets below. #fuckingamazing.