Production Blog, Day 4

The West and the Ruthless Day 4, saw the arrival of Danny Brown, who plays Mary Laclede, Paul Haapaniemi playing Francisco Winchester, and Will Roberts as Emery Chaplin along with Matt Boone as Cole Henry (who was still covered in blood). Our crew also started to grow as well as the production was ramping up! Then it was back out into the desert! 

First up was the stagecoach and it looked iconic with it’s red paint surrounded by cacti and rocks, and “dead” outlaws laying in the dirt. The scenes came out incredible. The heat was beating down on us again, but this time, you could see the monsoons heading our way in the distance. Who knew the Tucson desert got monsoons? There was literally a wall of dust being kicked up from the desert and heading straight for us. 

Luckily, the rest of the day was inside an old jail, and the coming rain brought some amazingly gloomy lighting to the set. Here, Paul Haapaniemi faces off against Will Roberts and there was blood. A lot of blood. And it was awesome. One of my favorite moments from the shoot was seeing just how many people it takes to slit a guy’s throat. Now that’s teamwork.