Production Blog, Day 3

It was another hot day on the set of The West and the Ruthless. We were already pouring sweat by 8AM as we shot beneath some awe inspiring mountains.

We also had the chance to kick off Day 3 by filming a scene in front of the amazing Reno Steam Locomotive. The train was originally used by Ulysses S Grant during the Civil War and then 100 years later it was used in the classic, Once Upon a Time in the West, by Sergio Leone. Now, almost 50 years later, it’s in The West and the Ruthless! Smoke was swirling in the air and it looked incredible. 

Day 3 also saw the arrival of Katelyn Clark, our nun who lives at the mission, as we filmed more breathtaking scenes (literally) with Rebecca Gomberg and Alexander Harris. The scenes included a birthing scene that came out rather chilling.