After we wrap on a big production we always like to send out a BIG HUG to the cast and crew that we just worked with. Well, we just worked with the BEST CAST & CREW IN THE ENTIRE WORLD!

We're shooting in Arizona right now and it has been hot. And not just hot, but so hot, that planes were being diverted back to LA because it was too hot for them to land and could only return after then sun had gone done and cover of nightfall. 

Sounds dramatic right? 

And it wasn't just the heat, but it seems like everything in Arizona wants to kill you. From the rattlesnakes, to the spiders, to the fact that every single plant that grows there is covered in spikes. The ground doesn't even have grass. It's molten lava. Or at least that's what it feels like when you're laying in the dirt around 4PM trying to get a shot just right at the hottest part of the day. 

And through all of this, the Cast and Crew were absolutely incredible. I have never seen a crew give a 1000% the way that these men and women did. Everyone pitched in. Everyone did WAY MORE than was ever expected of them and they did it with a smile and they did it awesome. We cannot begin to say enough good things about these folks and are already excited to work with all of them again.