Another Cool Interview, an Emmy, and John Carpenter!

What an awesome week! 

We just did another cool interview about our upcoming episode on Robert Rodriguez’s El Rey Network! (Which is playing this weekend!) with host John Carpenter! The Episode showcases brand new work from directors such as ourselves, Eli Roth, and a ton of other awesome directors! 

For more information check that out right here:

We chat about our short film Jack The Ripper as well as our upcoming Feature, The West and the Ruthless! Here’s a quick snippet:

"There are a few shout-outs to St. Louis in it," Nick Trivundza said. "One of the cowboys in the story is from Missouri, and the lead female character is named Mary Laclede." After Laclede’s Landing. 

Check that out right here:

And to top it off, we just found out that The Dead Unknown, which we worked on with director Michael Schiller, took home an Emmy! Here’s a wonderful article on the documentary: