Little Red Riding Hood

When you know a bunch of artists and designers - there is never a lack of ideas. Usually you find yourself in whirlwind of creativity and the toughest part is deciding which of those ideas to actually pursue. This past year there has been one idea that we have absolutely loved, and it was the idea of telling a simple story through photographs. We knew from the beginning we wanted to tell a folk tale, something that was familiar but through a new lens. The story would be a late 1800’s rendition of Little Red Riding Hood. Immediately we started talking colors, locations, wolves, fonts, music, pacing, scarves and all that usually accompanies a creative rush.

Trudging through the snow up in the mountains of the Sierra Nevada region of California we shot our shots, shivered all day and then in between the tiny breaks we have between client projects slowly pieced our narrative together.

We are really excited to share this fun little short film with you.