Sensored, Film Premiere

We are completely stoked to post that the film Sensored will be opening the Sacramento Film Festival this summer. The film was directed by co-conspirator Ryan Todd, written by Kevin Haskin, and produced by Jo Haskin. The film stars Robert Picardo of Star Trek fame as the devious Wade. A man caught between his murderous day job and his passion for writing children’s books (he has issues). The opening titles were created by Nick Trivundza and book ended with closing credits by Josh Jones.

As I have yet to see the finished film (waiting for it to be seen on the big screen) - I cannot tell you how excited we all are. From what we’ve seen it looks like its going to be a lot of fun... dark and twisted fun.

Tickets are on sale now. I would recommend buying a ticket soon as the opening night showings are definitely going to sell out.