Official Synopsis


Somewhere between Tim Burton and Harry Potter is the wonderfully grim, and grimly wonderful world of The Umbrella Factory. It’s here, that Samuel, the youngest of three unlucky brothers purchases a wish-granting monkey’s paw from the girl he loves at her father’s curiosity shoppe. It’s this magic talisman that allows them to grant the wishes of those around them, travel through time, and every once and awhile, survive their jobs at The Umbrella Factory. 

Based on the award winning short film by Nick + Lexie,
which has played around the world. 



Umbrella Factory, Concept Art

The Windmill on Windy Hill

Graveyard Manor

The Automated Carriage

Umbrella Factory, Grand Lobby

The Curiosity Shoppe

The Peculiar Zoo

The Umbrella Factory


Umbrella Factory, Music & Score


Umbrella Factory, Main Title Design



Written and Directed By:
Nick + Lexie Trivundza

Illsutrations By:
Brian Miller

Title Design By:
Tobias Saul

Music By:
Matthew St. Laurent