Logitech. Dyslexia Think Tank. Culinary Union.


These last few weeks at Naissance have seen hundreds of designs, mixes, and edits flying out the door! It’s been crazy and we’re proud to have just wrapped on a ton of cool projects for the likes of Logitech, the Dyslexia Think Tank, the Culinary Union, and more!

For Logitech we worked with director Doug Werby and the production company KaBoom on bringing Logitech’s new Conference Hero to life! The Conference Hero is a happy go-lucky little robot making the world of video-chat relentlessly easy.

We’ve also wrapped a handful of spots for the Culinary Union. Super fun Spanish graphics? Check. English translation? Check. Slot machines marked with Greed and Skull and Crossbones? Double check.

We’ve also been working with the Dyslexia Think Tank and Therese Vreeland Productions on producing a wonderful little video for children with Dyslexia. The short film talks about some of the great contributors to culture and government who have had Dyslexia from Albert Einstein to John Lennon.