Inspire 2012


Last year Naissance jumped off the deep end. We decided to make a film. That film was One Shot, and it was actually filmed entirely in one shot. From there it was edited and cut and glitched to perfection. It was something new. It was something scary. We’ve been making commercials and brand videos for years. We’ve worked on other people’s movies, and even a hundred or so short films, but One shot was something we were both nervous and simultaneously ecstatic about.

With One Shot behind us we’re super excited to officially announce Inspire!

Naissance will be diving into production on a documentary in 2012 about the creative industry. Creative work is some of the most challenging and yet uniquely satisfying work there is. In today’s cut throat economy and high pressure demands for more content with quicker delivery dates and slashed budgets, we ask creatives working in a smorgasbord of industries how did they find success, how do they define success, and what secrets have they found along the way. We ask about the late nights, the hard times, and the lessons learned. But most importantly we ask what inspires them?

You can take a look at Inspire right now! Check it out here on Naissance or on Vimeo.