A Brief History of the Big Bad Wolf


More often than not, we find ourselves testing ideas. It’s in these open labs that we can test the boundaries of what we can do. Sometimes that requires field testing a new camera, making sure a location works, working with new gear, software, and sometimes creating digital blood, (which seems like a reoccurring theme with a handful of our clients).

This was both a camera test, as well as working with one of our favorite elements - ink, but not just ink drips as it has been in the past. This time was making the ink look like blood and soaking into the very fabric of the video. So, with that in mind, we like to sink our teeth into a project. Place some parameters on it so there is something to show. In this case, it’s the fictional open to A Brief History of the Big Bad Wolf.

Check it out right here or over on our Vimeo.