Pitch Work


Every once and awhile we get a chance to pitch on some really cool work, and in many cases during the creative process, a project may change scope or direction, and in some cases even cease to exist, disappearing into the deep reaches of … where dead projects go. Limbo? Not really sure. There are other times during the process that schedules or budgets don’t line up the way everyone hopes, but great looking work still gets made as we lasso in the concepts and ideas. Today we’re showing off a few of these initial forays into the creative. Check out The Kings: Shatter, Rocky Mountain Power, Wine Taster, and Making Of Dot Com.

Making Of: http://www.naissance.tv/video/making_of.html

Wine Taster: http://www.naissance.tv/video/wine_taster.html

Kings & Sneaky Fridge Style Frames: http://www.naissance.tv/works_graphic_design.html