Blast Off!


Sometime in May, we buckled in, grabbed our handlebars and dove in for a ton of new work which we are now, in September, writing about with a ton of mix-matched metaphors!

Naissance had the awesome chance to work with a bunch of talented producers, designers, and other production peeps this summer, for the likes of: Highmark, Radio Shack, The NRDC, The Green Sports Alliance, TSE, Sacramento International Airport, Kaiser Permanente, Smosh, and Blue Shield (whom we helped rock out another ton of spots with)! Not to mention a few of the spots we’ve already mentioned this summer including California Earthquake Authority for Ogilvy and Ballistic. The RadioShack Amgen tour, Adobe, and our buddies over at Smosh! We'll also be posting a great looking vid that we produced for Microsoft with excellent post-production being handled by our friends up North at Visual Aid. Also going live soon are some of the pitch work we’ve done for The Kings, Making Of Dot Com, and Rocky Mountain Power. Not to mention our visual fx maestro who can motion track, write code, and blast out 3D with the best of them, Josh Jones, just wrapped overseeing fx for Francis Ford Coppola’s latest film, debuting over at the Toronto Film Festival last week. Whew.