Les Muse


Working with creativity is like trying to harness lightning, except you may not know there is lightning. You go looking for inspiration, never knowing where it’s going to strike. In this case it came from several distinct areas. First, it came from being stressed out. Computers not working the way we want them too and needing to blow off steam. That lead to finding a beautiful location. Next, we were testing ink flows for an upcoming pitch and wanted to make sure we could pull it off. Ink is self-aware. It’s a force of nature and pretends like it’s easy to get along with. However once you figure out what it wants to do, you can use it pretty easily.

Finally, we had another project in the works and needed to test a camera. On the way to testing the camera at the beautiful location we found while stressed out, we started talking about inspiration. Then we thought, why not pull all of the experiments we’re working on, including a violin looping test, and make it one thing. In the end, we had something brand new.

Check out Les Muse right here, our third film this summer about inspiration. You can of course check it out on our Vimeo as well.