MTA, Kaiser Permanente, CA Olive Ranch, Fran Florez, and Nigeria


Not only have we been throwing paint and running around Adobe with Zombies, we’ve also been working on a thousand other things! So grab a latte and get ready for a our latest Show-and-Tell-Round-Up!

For Kaiser Permanente, Naissance continues a string of videos for advertising agency McNally Temple and Associates (MTA) who we also just finished up on a pair of opens for. Working with them is always a pleasure and also an amazing opportunity to work with gorgeous footage shot on location internationally. Speaking of Internationally, we are also super pleased to have been able to work on the titles for the Documentary “Dreams for Nigeria.” The film is about the empowerment of women in Nigeria and was created by our friends over at McNally Temple and Associates who traveled to Africa to interview the women currently moving into strong leadership and government roles. The film has gathered awards and is now available to watch on YouTube! Check it out!

And in more international super news we also just converted our previous work for the California Olive Ranch, for director Doug Werby, into French - which is always incroyable.

We also not so long ago had the chance to craft a stunning spot for Fran Florez this last fall and are finally grabbing a chance to reveal the work. The spot had carte blanche for the most part in terms of art direction and edit - it just had to be follow the script, look great, nail the message and be done the next morning. No pressure :-)