Be the One


A hybrid video in terms of short film, showing off some of the on location fashion design skills of Rampant, and music video, "Be The One" weaves a tale of models, mascara, and Moby.

One of the coolest parts about  hanging out on sets and shooting stuff before we throw it into post - is all the weird stuff you get to do. Like drive out to Lodi, CA for exclusive use of an old Brandy Warehouse that does in fact have the potential to explode. After that we got to cover a few models in ink - lots of ink. That was a fun phone call.

"What's your concept?"

"It's a photo shoot and the model's eyes begin to drip mascara, a lot of mascara, then it ends up covering everything and spontaneously combusts."

"Oh. Cool."

During this process we worked with the super cool people at Rampant who design and create fashionable clothing. And when I say create, they literally were able to create a dress right there on the shoot location from fabric and some clamps.

You can check it out right here on Naissance or over on our Vimeo.

PS. No models were actually harmed during the shoot.