American Zoetrope!


It’s good to have good friends in good places. Our go-to-guy for all things complicated in the world of visual FX, Josh Jones, has been over at American Zoetrope overseeing the visual FX for Francis Ford Coppola’s latest film. We got to head backstage last week and check out the studio (and winery). It’s the absolute film nerd in me that revels in touring the behind the scenes at some of the coolest studios in the world, and American Zoetrope is one of the coolest.

The studio is situated at the back of the Rubicon Estate, also made famous by Francis Ford Coppola and the amazing wines they’re making there, currently and historically. I’m not sure what’s cooler, checking out the editing bays and theater or the winery. We also had the chance to hang out in the historic RKO Library, tour the wine caves, see the theater, and the magic lamp museum as well as sample the wines.