Inspire: Creativity


When we started Naissance, I had no idea that we would be about to meet so many interesting people. Since we figured out what we were doing (okay, that’s a bit glossy, we’re still figuring it out) I had no idea that we’d have the opportunity to meet fashion designers, internet YouTube mega-stars, some of the most prolific editors anyone would ever have the chance to work with, as well as politicians, and producers from every walk of life there is. Our meetings have ranged from dirty dive bars to sitting around tables in offices that smell of rich mahogany. We’ve had the amazing opportunity to work with some massive brands as well as some of the coolest filmmakers out there.

And the most important thing we've had the opportunity to do is collaborate with others in super creative ways. We've staged green-screen cake parties, hung out on rooftops, made guinea pigs talk, filmed a movie in one day, animated countless logos, pitched in, brainstormed, and shared inspiration. To that end, we're releasing a few little experimental shorts over the next few weeks we've created with that theme in mind: inspiration.

Check out the first one right here: Inspire: Creativity, or over on our Vimeo.