Ford Foundation. Ok Go. California Wine. Kaiser. Blue Shield.


Just like that title says, there have been lots of good updates to the website. A few weeks back we had mentioned having the pleasure on working on some really fun videos with director Brian Perkins and Ok Go. The project was for the Ford Foundation’s “Wired for Change Conference,” which was a discussion featuring some of the most brilliant and influential people on the planet talking and in our case, debating Net Neutrality.

Why do I say in our case? That’s because during the presentation by Ok Go frontman Damian Kulash and Ira Glass, John Hodgman of Daily Show and Mac and PC fame, hijacks the conference and drops some big nasty “Imbroglios!”

Over the last few months we had the pleasure of once again working on the North Valley Way campaign for Kaiser Permanente. We were also able to jump in on some of the graphics for the CCPOA’s yearly documentary. Not to mention handling graphics for 90 or so Blue Shield spots.

In addition to the above we also created graphics for CA Wine. A side from the typical text and logo animations which are all in a day’s work at Naissance, we were able to return to one of our favorite techniques: Parallax. It’s a technique we’re quite familiar with having used this for numerous documentaries as well as our short film adaptation of Little Red Riding Hood. The Parallax technique is seen often, but rarely described. This is where the different layers of a photograph, say the foreground, mid ground, and background are all cut out and placed into varying layers of 3D space. Then, as the camera pans along the shot, or zooms, or just even subtly shifts, the layers appear to be really placed in three dimensions. It’s cool and we love doing it.

Naissance had the pleasure of working with editorial shop - Ballistic and agency Tomorrow Partners. The video came out great and if you don’t already live in California, it definitely highlights some great vacation spots. We’ve loaded up a quick montage of just a handful of the shots we worked on, check it out!