The GPO Logo


So when we set out to make a movie featuring an evil oil corporation there was one logo designer we trusted above all to help us with this task, super branding jedi master, Austin Schlack. Austin is a longtime Naissance collaborator and has been around since the beginning. What we have here is a quick little Q&A with this awesome designer.

NICK (of Naissance): So, what were the first things that went thru your mind when we asked to create a logo for an evil oil corporation?

AUSTIN: I had no idea what you wanted this for, so my first thought was like a dark version of Pixar's Dinoco logo, you know something cartoony maybe oil spraying out of the ground into the face of the dinosaur. I probably watch to many cartoons.

NICK: Was there any real life corporations you looked at for eh… inspiration?

AUSTIN: I looked at the obvious, major oil companies, but also looked at the smaller local oil companies, the ones that deliver heating oil. I also searched out oil companies from around the world, I found this great page online that listed every oil company and just started searching out those companies to see what their logos were.

NICK: As a designer of many a logo - where do you go for ideas and how do you approach a company asking for a logo, and in that regard how do you approach a design for a fictional company in a movie?

AUSTIN: When a company asks me for a logo, I'll look at what they currently have, if they have something, and ask what it is they do and don't like about the current logo. I'll ask about direct competitors logos, this is more so I don't create something similar, but also to find out what they like or don't like about those logos. I try to find out what it is they want people, who see the logo, to get from it. If I don't know about the type of business I'll read up on it, get to know as much as I can so I can create a logo that best represents the company and fits in with the industry they are in.

As for inspiration, I'll look around the internet a little but for the most part my inspiration comes from looking at the name/words/letters that will be apart of the logo. I'll type it out in a few different fonts, all caps, all lowercase and just look at the letters.

In this case with a fictional company, I more or less decided things about the company to help me create the logo, I wanted it to look like something a real company would use, so out went the cartoony ideas I originally thought of. With some versions I thought the company wanted a logo that showed that they were clean and environmentally friendly, I couldn't use greens as that would look to much like BP, so I went with blues you know to represent the clean ocean and skies that the oil companies care so much about. With the a few of the blue logos I did something that I would never do for a real company but seemed fitting for an evil fictitious company, I had a black/brown oil drop entering into the blue space of the logo to subtly suggest that they don't really care about the environment or what their oil does to it.

To check out the GPO Logo as well as selects from the design process, you can check it out in our Design Gallery or over on our Flickr.