Big Hug.


As we roll into post production on the film “One Shot” I’d like to tip my hat to the ladies and gentlemen who helped make this happen. From the very beginning we were lucky enough to chat with Ryan Todd (feature film director of Sensored) who introduced us to his very talented casting director Julianne Gabert. It was Julianne who was able to help us cast the ridiculously talented (and brave) actors for the film.

We are also super pleased to have been able to work with our main man Josh Jones once again. Josh is our on set prozac as he is able to over see all of our tech so that we can make sure that everything is running smoothly and beautifully. For our next film we may seriously get him his own chair labeled “Prozac.”

While making the film - even in the writing stage, we knew we would need some henchmen (and hench-women). We were lucky enough to be able to grab a good portion of the Boone family to dress in black, don some ski masks and look really - really imposing. Not only were they tasked with looking scary, but they also had to drive, have their faces occasionally duct taped - no matter the two day stubble, get covered in water,  and still hit their marks. The Boones will be famous - I assure you.

And of course - none of this could have been done without our actors. There are not enough positive adjectives in the english language to say how much ass you kicked. So I’ll keep it simple: Reed Daniels, Erin Gilley, and Cole Panther are some of the most talented people I have ever worked with. Looking forward to showing off your performances. We’d also like to thank the super talented Gordon Hayden for once again lending his voice to one of our films. It’s that Irish grit that makes everything sound so gosh darn believable.