Naissance Announces "One Shot"


The first feature film coming off the Naissance production line is entitled One Shot. The film is written and directed by Nick Trivundza and produced by Lexie Findarle Trivundza. Much like it’s title, the film is one shot. With the film being shot entirely in one shot, One Shot boasts amazing performances by some truly talented actors. So often a performance is squashed by the constant takes and cuts going on on set - however this film is different. One Shot allows the actors, Reed Daniels, Erin Gilley, and Cole Panther to live in the shoes of their character for the length of the entire film.

Few other films have attempted this task, and even fewer in english. Alfred Hitchcock had wanted to, but technology at the time wouldn’t allow for it. Shot entirely on Red, One Shot, is a film that takes advantage of the current technology we have today and takes it a step further - utilizing technique with story for a combined result of tension, suspense, and culminating in a crescendo sure to get the green movement talked about in a completely different way then ever before.