Naissance, First Feature Film


Only a handful of people already know about the super-secret project that we’ve had under the radar for awhile, but many of you probably don’t. So what is this super-secret project you ask? It’s ambitious - I’ll tell you that. Why all the dramatic build up? Cue the imaginary drum roll please. Naissance is proud to announce the creation of our first Feature Film.

When we created the studio it was always part of the pipeline to be able to handle commercials and advertising, motion graphics, production, post, editorial, coloring, visual effects, music videos, and …. films.

Before we begin unloading all the information on this, we’d first like to bow our hats to all of the amazing people who have helped make this happen. Without the amazing actors and crew on this, it would still just be a dream. Our hats are off to you guys for all the blood, sweat, and tears that have gone into this.