Winter 2010/2011 Reel


Unveiling, and by unveiling I mean, throwing back the digital curtain, on our brand new Winter 2010 / 2011 Reel!! The reel features the amazing music of Loyale  and if you’re not listening to this guy yet, you should be. He’s ridiculously dope so I need to give everybody a warning before watching this new reel, the song is catchy. Yee be warned.

Now go on, watch it. You know you want to.

The new reel showcases some of our work in the realms of motion graphics, design and live action. It features some of our collaborations with amazing studios such as eMotion, Kaboom, and Wirestone just to name a few along with great work for clients and agencies such as Motorola, MTA, Yahoo, Microsoft, Lucky, SaveMart, Kaiser, Del Monte, Adobe, AT&T, TiVo, and Polo Loco. It features the Naissance touch across the board from commercials, music videos, feature films, virals, and internet films.

Oh and here’s a link to that catchiness. Go on click it. You know have to hear that song again. Okay fine, don’t. But you’ll be back. Soon.