Yahoo. Del Monte. Vision. Kaiser. CCPOA.


Totally stoked to unveil another video round up with a few select pieces of work we’ve wrapped recently. These pieces were selected from the onslaught of graphics from this last spring and summer and are some of our favorites!

We’ve had a blast working on some really fun spots for Yahoo. Two of the pieces we’re showing here were produced by super cool studio Kaboom with Naissance handling the Graphics and Compositing work. You’d never be able to tell that we removed some of the unnecessary server lights or flicker, but we did. The graphics were also a lot of fun to do. Check out the spots “Chair” and “Garage” right here:

Yahoo! Answers

We also just completed a handful of videos for Del Monte. We’ve uploaded a cutdown of some of the motion cards we’ve recently worked on. Another quick piece we just posted is a sample of some of the work we’ve been doing for Kaiser Permente. As a recent visitor of one of their hospitals (don’t worry, everyone’s okay now, but be very careful the next time your pitting an avocado) it’s a pleasure to work on their videos. Their doctors and staff are rocking.

Del Monte

Kaiser Permente

We’ve also had the pleasure of working with the Vision Entertainment Group on their brand new motion logo that will play at the head of all of their upcoming feature film releases. Be on the look out for a dark, edge of your seat thriller: Rogue River coming soon.

Vision Entertainment Group

It was also great to work on another show open for the CCPOA’s Firstwatch series. Naissance created the previous show opens and graphics package for the show which is also located here on the site as well as our Vimeo.

CCPOA Firstwatch

There’s even more to come, so stay tuned right here. Same Naissance TIme. Same Naissance Channel. It’s like Batman, but better.