Spring is Here!

Spring is here and it’s been a busy one already with 2010 running at high speeds and in high gear. Completely excited to reveal a little behind the scenes magic and show off some new work! One of our favorite projects recently has been a documentary for the liberation of women in the work place and political leadership roles for the country of Nigeria. The documentary titled “Dreams for Nigeria,” allowed Naissance to create the art direction for the film as well as the opening title sequence.

Naissance also had the chance to create the graphics for a brilliantly, over-the-top video for the Yahoo! Marketing team. When do you get to create text for such lines as “Broken Noses, Bloody Lips, Dirt in Your Teeth: Sales.” It’s this kind of sense of humor that makes Yahoo great. We had the pleasure of working with Kaboom once again on this great piece.

We also had the pleasure of working with super-studio eMotion on the launch of their video for Adobe Flash and how it’s changing the world of cellular. Flash changes the way we interact with the world and the web and has been doing so for years - as it strengthens it’s online presence everyday, it will continue to improve the way you view the web on any screen, anywhere. Naissance worked on designing the art direction and background design for this all green-screen shoot. The great animators, directors, and producers at eMotion truly made a great video worth watching.

We have also just completed work on a spot called “Glitz and Glitter” which finally gave us the opportunity to do a spot with money, glitzy text, and a call out to the capital! And who doesn’t love that?