ATT. The Education Reform. Motorola. CA Forward.

We were also able to return to an old favorite this past winter and help with the release of a brand new phone for Motorola. The Backflip is one of the first phones since the iPhone that everyone needs to take notice of. It has a super cool flip design enabling it to become a mobile widescreen TV, a Qwerty keyboard for quick texting, a camera and all kinds of other cool gadgets. It’s the James Bond of phones. Next up we have the documentary for EdVoice - a nonprofit political organization that is taking education to new heights by actually getting their hands dirty. Naissance handled the art direction of this extremely important piece. The bill being heralded as the Race to the Top was part of the radical change to Education reform pressed by President Obama. The bill has recently signed into law in California by Governor Schwarzenegger.

We also just posted another awesome video for another awesome smart phone. This time around it’s the Motorola Karma. As phones get smarter, so do their videos and demonstrations.

And finally - a brand new cut of the California Forward video has been posted. Naissance was commissioned to bring a graphic and entertaining style to a somewhat staggering idea: working together. There’s a lot of noise out there today, a lot of screaming matches over partisan politics but CA Forward is changing that and Naissance is helping them change that by making it look cool.