Video Round Up 2

Oh man! We have so many good things to show! We’re thinking about this as if it’s Naissance Show and Tell. So check out all the goodness we have for you! First off we had a blast with this Bres Advisors spot! From making it rain little red houses and running around in a suit and umbrella all day, this was a fun spot to make! We’d like to thank Bres Advisors for the awesome script!

We were also able to provide FX for this gorgeous music video for Mr. McKeown (of the Yummy Fur fame). We created watercolor oceans, glowing butterflies made of light, and spooky forests with rolling green fog. We also tackled the green screens and and motion tracking on this awesome piece.

CA Forward was our first stab at bringing sexy back. Literally. In this celebration of compromise and meeting one another in the middle - we crafted a super cool spot complete with some Timberland call outs.

Super-star audio mixer and sound designer John Northcraft also just provided a stunning 24bit mix of Little Red Riding Hood. Even if you have already seen it, watch it again, but this time really listen to it. It’s audio gold.

Naissance also had the chance this fall to work with some awesome studios and agencies. We had the opportunity to work on a pitch for the latest Chrysler campaign as well as super cool spots for Samsung, Lucky, AT&T, Motorola, SaveMart, and Hindoe. We’re already putting plans together for our 2010 reel and can’t wait to show off all the goodies.