Video Round Up

Naissance is super excited to have had a chance to round up a few of our latest and greatest pieces from this summer’s productions as well as a few older gems that have had the dust blown off and are ready to be showcased!! First off, we have a piece we just wrapped up for the UFW (The United Farm Workers). The UFW is promoting a message of hope and change in attempt for farm workers - those men and women who grow our food - to have a better seat at the table of politics. Naissance had the privilege of directing this piece for their ongoing campaign.

We’re also proud to show off the final opening titles for Sensored - now online with the final feature film score and sound design, as well as two scenes that feature effects work by Naissance.

Still in the realm of feature films we have the end credits from the controversial Dream Boy. We had the pleasure of knocking these out along side John Northcraft’s sound design for the film. And speaking of John Northcraft, we have a brand new logo and opening to his Sound Design reel that we have just unveiled as well. This was a fun piece to create and adds to our ever growing portfolio of logo design and animation. You can also check out the one we did for Alexis Creative.

And finally, for now, check out the cut down we have of our Bio Mass project. This video was created in respect to bio mass being the cleanest and one of the most efficient new forms of energy and power that we as a community and a nation have at our finger tips. This cutdown features a handful of the shots we created for the film.

Please stay tuned as there is more, much more, to come.