NAB 2009

This was our inaugural year attending NAB (or from here on out referred to as Nab because we like it better that way). If you are unfamiliar with Nab - this is the National Association of Broadcasters and they gather together every year in Las Vegas taking over the entire Las Vegas Convention Center and a few of the surrounding hotels. This is a huge ordeal it seems; this year being considered a small turnout with only 90,000 or so in attendance. Just about every Resort / Casino on the strip sponsors the event and provides transportation and shuttle service down over to Nab when they are not attempting to get you drunk and gamble away any production budgets (I lucked out as none of the slots would take my money. I am really starting to think I have a wallet full of counterfeit bills).

Nab itself is a giant black hole at the end of the Vegas strip that sucks all the energy out of you as it bombards the crowds with information overload. We had heard it was big - but we really were not prepared for the onslaught of Vendors as well as the magnitude of their booths - some holding their own inclusive seminars. Adobe rocked the house with their booth/theatre (a real-sized cinema) and their range of interactive topics covering how to build your own YouTube up to the revolutionary Red workflow and what they have in store for the future (supposedly 28K isn't that far away).

Other super-dudes were legends such as the Foundry going into their actual sessions for Iron Man as well as Stash who was giving away various issues of their monthly DVD magazine (and free stuff is always cool). Panasonic was also a major not-to-miss display with their on location sets with hands on demonstrations of how to use each of their latest cameras and Sony's brand new wide-screen 3D home theaters (that's right IMAX styled 3D right in your own living room!!).

The end result is a bunch of people who are extremely tired, but extremely inspired. We'll see you in Las Vegas for 2010.