Hey Barackarena!!

Rarely do you ever have a client conversation go like this: “Let’s get together so we can talk about updating the Macarena.”

“The what? Why would anyone ever want to do something soooo horrible?”

“Because now it’s the Barackarena!!”

“Oh. Then yes. I’m in.”

Right now Gigatone Records has released an album by the Axe Men entitled: “Barack’s Greatest Hits” vol. 1 (with a rumor vol. 2 is on the way!!) You can check the video out right here on our site or over on YouTube.

You can also purchase the album, which you have to do if you plan on owning such great hits as: “Barackin’ On Sunshine” or “We Will Barack You!”

We also got to have some fun with the “Barackin in the USA” music video as well. Which you can also check out on our site or over on YouTube.

Warning: you will have the songs in your head for the rest of the week, so be careful.

Purchase the album on iTunes.