Black Point Studios & Vicon

Last night we attended the 2009 Black Point Studios Party in San Francisco, and let me tell you - it was swanky. And this is coming from a guy who almost never drops that word. Our good friend Stan, the owner of the studio, throws the party annually - teaming up this year with Vicon: House of Moves. Both studios have an amazing track record for working on awesome films (which is actually an under statement: Iron Man, Final Fantasy, The Animatrix, Transformers, the Polar Express, Lost In Space, The Spiderman Trilogy . . . and that's just scratching the surface) as well as numerous video games.

And the music was friggin' cool. (I have never seen a banjo player rock out the way that this guy did!!!!). We grabbed a couple snap shots of the band which you can check out down below.