Feature Films

Really cool update in the realm of feature films. Director Ryan Todd’s film Sensored is currently wrapping post production. The film was produced by super cool production company KeJo and opening titles were created by Naissance’s Nick Trivundza. The film stars Robert Picardo as Wade Mixon, a children’s book author and illustrator whose “work” can be seen in the titles. For more info check out the film’s website at: www.sensoredthemovie.com and if you’d like to see those opening credits you can check them right here or at our Vimeo or YouTube connections. Sound Designer John Northcraft just started work on another feature as well: La Soga, directed by Josh Cook and written by Manny Perez. John recently wrapped on two additional feature films before starting this latest film as well: The Level and Dream Boy.  For more information you can also check out John’s site here: http://www.johnnorthcraft.com/

And we also posted a few of Illustrator Jon Hunt ‘s story boards for the upcoming film Cargo.